Do you have a rambunctious dog who needs to learn a few manners? Are leash walks unpleasant instead of enjoyable? Or do you want to get started on the right paw with your new dog? I'll help target your problems, set clear goals for you and your pup and implement a training plan that makes sense for you both. You'll be enjoying your dog again before long!

We can teach your dog to:

* Walk calmly at your side

* Sit and stay until you say otherwise

* Greet strangers and visitors calmly

* Leave items alone at your request

* Drop whatever object is currently in her mouth

* Wait at doors, rather than rushing past you

* Go to his bed

* Come running when called!

If you are in San Francisco and need help with an aggressive dog, contact us for more information or to schedule an initial consultation. You can also send us an email.