Is your dog getting in fights at the park?

Is she barking, lunging or acting aggressively towards people?

Is your dog a punk when on leash but acts cool every other time?

Does your dog bite? Or are you afraid she might?

If so, taking your dog for a simple walk has probably become a stressful event. Perhaps you and your guy are a member of the midnight dog-walkers club, sneaking out for a furtive pee when few other people and dogs are around. Maybe you've stopped inviting people over to your house, for fear of how your dog will respond. You've probably yelled at your dog out of fear and frustration, trying to get him to stop. And maybe you get his attention for a moment, but you know it's only temporary.

If this sounds like you and your dog, you need the help of a professional dog trainer who can properly diagnose and address the aggressive behavior. Because, while all aggressive dog behavior looks the same on the surface--snarling, barking and lunging--there are actually several different types of aggression, such as fear-based aggression, bullying, leash-aggression and barrier frustration. Full resolution of aggressive dog behavior starts with an accurate diagnosis of the problem since each type of aggression requires a different approach.

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